Augusta, Georgia


Georgia’s second largest city, Augusta is situated in the eastern border and across the Savannah River from South Carolina. With the population of 1, 97,166, it is the 22nd largest city in the United States of America. Augusta was named after Princes Augusta of Saxe- Crotha in 1736. Augusta is also famous for hosting the master golf torments.


  • MASTERS: Augusta is known for hosting the master tournament of golf. You will definitely enjoy the lovely golf course with professional players. This place is a must for any golf fanatic.
  • SACRED HEART CULTRAL CENTRE: This is a favourite place for the people of Augusta to have wedding because the building is very beautiful designed with sexy flooring. The lawn of this building is also very nice.
  • AUGUSTA MUSEUM OF HISTORY: Nice museum showing the history of Augusta. Has a full size train, tender pull man car and many more items. There are many activities audio visuals and interesting items.
  • SAVANNAH RAPIDS VISITOR CENTRE: This is perfect for a short or long bicycle ride, or a simple walk beside the historic and wonderful views of savannah river.
  • AUGUSTA CANAL DISCOVERY CENTRE: The museum is very interesting and educational. Enjoy the boat ride and learn a lot about the canal and old miles along the canal.
  • RIVERWALK: River walk is a beautiful and peaceful place for having a walk along the shaded path. Enjoy the river, where can find many little turtles.


  • FROG HOLLOW TAVERN: The place with excellent food, service and atmosphere. Have innovative menu and food is beautiful crafted.
  • HONEY FROM THE ROCK: This is a great place which have plain and simple but to get your veggies to get your veggies prepared southern style with fried.
  • ABEL BROWN: They have exception oysters. They serve half of shell with jalapeno butter. The main course is prepared with a creative and modern southern vibe and don’t skip the desert.
  • WHISKEY BAR KITCHEN: Restaurant has a nice layout with a cool informal vibe. They serve quality food and service. They offer huge burger and people say that their dumping is the best.