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For more information, Augusta Magazine produces the Metro Augusta Art Calendar, which is full of artworks - events related to art. Augusta is home to the Augusta Arts Festival, the largest arts festival in the state of Georgia, and also hosts a variety of other arts events each year, including the annual Augusta Art Festival and the Georgia State Fair.

The Augusta Sculpture Trail is the largest public art trail in the state of Georgia and is regularly presented to the public, both in person and online at events. The Augusta Art Museum, Georgia State Fair and Augusta Museum of Art offer a variety of exhibitions and events for visitors to Augusta as well as local artists.

For those interested, 409 bears the name of the Georgia State Fair, the largest art fair in the state of Georgia and the second largest in Georgia.

The exhibition appears to have driven the growth of art in the city and the development of a number of art galleries, including the Georgia State Museum of Art. The Georgia Art Museum, the first of its kind in Georgia, was founded and further promoted by its founder John F. Kennedy and his wife Mary, which encouraged the growth of art in the cities.

Apart from a few major players, most of Augusta's businesses are locally owned, small franchises that lack the capacity or income to support a large public arts commission. If the Augusta area could benefit from more than one week a year, public art would add value to the area and make it more attractive to individuals and businesses.

Currently, the Augusta Public Arts Agency acts as a liaison between the City of Augusta and the Augusta Public Arts Commission (APAC). It manages the reallocated art funds to the City of Atlanta and Augusta County, as well as the Georgia Department of Arts and Humanities, and organizes events for artists and art lovers, including the diverse artistic and cultural diversity that makes Augusta unique. A full-length Summerville play is being accepted for the 2018 Atlanta Black Theatre Festival, which will take place July 1-5, 2018 at the Atlanta Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Music inspires the arts through music, "Helping Others" (Augusta Public Arts Agency, 2016, pg. 26) and "Music: Music and Art in Augusta" (Georgia State University Press, 2014, p. 49.

The Band Art Project, hosted by Stephanie Forbes at the Augusta Public Arts Agency, Augusta, Georgia, on Saturday, July 29, 5: 30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The Greater Augusta Arts Council (14) has teamed up with American for Art (15) to conduct a study of the impact of art on the local economy in the Central Savannah River region. The project that led to a massive and sudden wave of art in Augusta has not escaped Zimmerman. In addition to the study, the Augusta Public Arts Agency (APA) and the Georgia Department of Economic Development (DED) are working with the Arts Council to present this study throughout Central Georgia and at the South Georgia Arts and Cultural Center (SCAC) to explore its impact on the arts and local economy.

If you're looking for more color to head south, the solemn message of this mural is the perfect salute to downtown Augusta. It is a must - see mural in the heart of downtown Augusta, and it is one of the most beautiful murals in Georgia.

This still life portrait was painted by an untrained painter who owned a sewing shop while visiting relatives in Montezuma, South Georgia. This gallery features a number of artists, including Gail Smith, who has painted some of the most beautiful murals of Augusta and some of her own paintings, as well as some of the most striking scenes from the coast and marshes. The gallery has a variety of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and other artworks from Georgia and around the world.

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