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If a real estate market where the median list price of a home is less than $100 per square foot sounds too good to be true, just look at the real estate market in Augusta, Georgia. According to Zillow, the median home price for Augusta in 2015 was somewhere in the neighborhood of $89,208. With the weather being fine, it's a great time to look at the houses for sale in and around Augusta GA. The median price per home in Auburn was just over $98 in 2016, according to the latest data from the Georgia Department of Housing and Community Development.

Of course, this means that homes in the city are relatively affordable, but even with this modest rate of appreciation, local real estate has outperformed the average in Georgia. As a result, investments in Augusta properties benefited from relatively low cost of living and high availability of properties for sale. Although this availability is increasing, the price at which a property can be purchased is perhaps a good indicator of the quality of a community that invests in property, and as such, property investors are advised to consider whether they are increasing their investment in properties that are purchased at a discount.

Whether you are a homebuyer or a property investor, the vacancy rate is a useful measure, in part, because it measures the number of apartments for sale in a community.

You can also use this map view to find homes and apartments you want to buy in Augusta, GA, near you. So if you're looking for an overview of the area, it looks like this.

All you need to do is look at the details of your preferred property and use the form there. With all this information, you are ready to consult with your local Augusta, GA Real Estate Board of Regents office to obtain your real estate license.

If you want to work with a professional, it is very easy to contact an estate agent in Augusta, GA. If you are looking for a house in an upscale neighborhood with high real estate values, your agent will be familiar with your neighborhood.

Among the most popular areas for Augusta renters are the National Hills, where rents average $936 a month or more. Among the areas with the lowest rents in Augusta are Harrisburg, where the average rent is $719 a month, and North Augusta, where the average rent is $634 a month.

At the other end of the Augusta market, homes in the historic Summerville area can cost more than $2 million, and Augusta house prices are solidly above the national average. Mobile homes and caravans are the most common form of housing, accounting for more than half of all new home sales in Georgia in 2015. There are also a lot of apartments built between 1940 and 1969, with a median home price of $1.5 million.

It should be taken for granted, but the low cost of living in an affordable market makes homes particularly attractive. Downtown Augusta offers a variety of boutiques and specialty stores, and there are plenty of opportunities for shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for. From Augusta Mall to Surrey Centre, you'll find all sorts of bargains and upmarket shopping centres. The Augusta Riverwalk offers great views of the Savannah River, the historic Augusta Canal offers great views of downtown Augusta, as well as the Georgia State University campus and the University of Georgia.

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Unchecked, vacant homes and apartments in Augusta are straining the real estate market and holding to levels that they can only reach when vacant homes are absorbed and occupied by the market. There seem to be very few markets of the same size that offer the same level of affordability as Augusta County in Columbia and Richmond.

All told, the housing market in Augusta has maintained a relatively low foreclosure rate, with about one in 2,136 homes last year falling into the hands of a bank-owned bank. As recently as December, the number of homes receiving foreclosure filings in Augusta, GA, hit its highest level in more than a decade, according to RealtyTrac. There were about 203 distressed homes in the Augusta real estate market through December this year, "said a report by the real estate information firm known for its foreclosures.

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