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Augusta, Georgia is best known for hosting the Augusta Beer Festival, one of Georgia's most popular beer festivals. Known in the city as the Hive, this tasting experience at the corner bar is a treat for beer lovers. This upscale tapas bar - specializing in cocktail bar - specializes in haute cuisine - is a secret in Augusta.

It is rare to find a restaurant with enough outdoor seating in downtown Augusta, but Sole has a large courtyard on both sides. When the venue is not closed for private reasons or in bad weather, it has a fully equipped bar, a private dining room and many outdoor seating for outdoor events.

On Friday and Saturday nights there is live entertainment for free, and there are also plenty of outdoor seating. A delicious lunch buffet is served on weekdays, and daily changing Southern staples such as fried prawns and crab leg are served to guests at the old picnic tables. You also have a large outdoor terrace where you can eat, which is a convenient short lunch stop.

On the enclosed terrace, a wide menu of Cajun and Creole dishes is served in a casual atmosphere, and the handmade breaded onion rings, prawns and tacos with lobster are excellent and edible. The fried cucumbers, rolls and pulled appetites on pork plates regularly bring guests back. A variety of fresh vegetables such as sweet potatoes, fried onions, tomatoes, peppers and peppers add a touch to the tacos, as do a wide selection of salads and side dishes. The interior is characterized by an old - contemporary, rustic - architectural style, with an eclectic mix of old and new furniture.

If you are new to the city and have just moved, the Sole is a great place for a quick lunch or dinner with friends or family. The Sole offers a wide selection of sandwiches, salads, pasta, desserts and other dishes. From cafes to bakeries to sports bars, this list is a list of what we consider the top nine restaurants in Augusta.

You might not expect to find delicious food in a pub, but Sheehan's Irish Pub has been voted one of the best restaurants in the neighborhood. Taqueria El Rey does a great job with tacos, quesadillas and other dishes, all in a fun and friendly atmosphere with a good selection of drinks and food. French toast with honey - lacquered duck and apples or the pork belly sandwich with chicken and cheese.

The restaurant is tiny and the food is fairly standard, but what really sets this gem apart are the masterpieces that line the walls of this tiny Italian restaurant - esque restaurant. What sets Cotton Patch apart from its history of location is that it has some of the best restaurants and drinks in the area, as well as a wide selection of drinks to go with it.

An Augusta icon since 1910, this historic full-service hotel, recently included in the Hilton's Curio Collection, also houses the P.I. Bar & Grill. This beautiful two-story house, built in 1816, belongs to George H.W. Bush and his wife Mary Jane Bush. Cafe Sweetery is located in the former cotton warehouse on the south side of downtown Augusta, just blocks from the Georgia State Fairgrounds.

This quaint winery and café boutique features a full-service restaurant, bar and café, as well as an outdoor terrace and outdoor seating area.

The reason most people go is the choice of over 30 homemade desserts, but let's face it, there are often waiting times for brunch. Bee Knees is located in the city center and her good food arrives, the sandwiches are good and there is often no waiting for brunch!

Walking in, you are reminded of setting up a local Jimmy Buffet in Margaretville. The food is delicious and the atmosphere very friendly and friendly.

Located in a city full of grilled and meat dishes, Humanitree House, a vegan restaurant, is definitely a unique place. The restaurant says on its website that part of every dollar spent goes to educational programs, including Helms College. To be honest, there's no better barbecue at Augusta, and the setting at Sconyer is hard to beat. The Farmhouse is the sister restaurant of Frog Hollow Tavern and is the largest vegan barbecue restaurant in the state of Georgia and one of the few in Georgia.

After more than 60 years of service to the CSRA, Sconyers has been voted the "Best BBQ in Augusta" in the past three years. Tucked away in Augusta BBQ, the chopped pork sandwich is garnished with juicy crispy chunks and tasty cooked pork ribs.

B Boll Weevil Cafe & Sweetery offers a surprisingly large number of other great dishes in addition to the famous pork ribs. Perry's Pig is mainly a take-out restaurant serving probably the best BBQ pork sandwich you've ever had.

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