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Although still illegal in many states, it is no secret that golfers like to gamble, and the Masters Golf Tournament is one of the most popular places for them to play. The Masters golf tournament is held annually from early to mid-April at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. Tiger Woods won the 2019 tournament, securing his first Masters win since 2008 and his second in 2013.

College GameDay first aired in 1987 and has been seen on college campuses around the country ever since. The Bulldogs have hosted games by former Georgia football players and coaches as well as college basketball players. Georgia played its first game on College Game Day last season, when it defeated Notre Dame in Athens on September 21.

This is a truly unique scenario that may never happen again, but it is fun to consider the possibility. Imagine if sports books were dedicated to the Masters golf tournament, not college football or college basketball.

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While some states, such as Delaware, Arkansas and Mississippi, allow you to place bets in casinos in person, some allow you to register online and place your bets over the Internet. Betting on college and professional sports is allowed in Indiana, but betting on sports and high school sports is prohibited. Betting on games and props that include college games is prohibited in New Mexico, except for games involving the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A & M University and Texas Tech University. Iowa allows betting in college sports, but bets on professional games, professional football and college basketball are prohibited. Betting on props and bets related to college games is allowed in Iowa, but gambling on sports betting and professional football is prohibited.

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