Maine's incumbent senator maintains fundraising lead

Published 10-31-2018

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AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) - Financial disclosure reports show Maine's incumbent independent senator maintains a commanding fundraising lead in the run-up to the first ranked choice U.S. Senate election in American history.

Sen. Angus King is seeking his second term in a race against Republican State Sen. Eric Brakey and liberal Democratic activist Zak Ringelstein. The Federal Election Commission says King has raised about $5.4 million through Oct. 17 and has about $970,000 on hand.

Brakey has made a fundraising push, but remains behind King at a little more than $800,000 as of Oct. 17. He has a little less than $86,000 on hand. Ringelstein has raised a little less than $360,000 and has about $32,000 on hand.

The candidates appear on a ranked ballot to allow for instant runoff if needed.

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