LePage wants fast-track for appeal of lawsuits against AG

Published 11-01-2018

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AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) - Republican Gov. Paul LePage wants Maine courts to rule soon on his appeal of two lawsuits he lobbed against Democratic Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Janet Mills.

But Mills' office in Tuesday court filings argues LePage is playing politics and trying to force a decision before he leaves office in early 2019.

A lower court judge recently affirmed Mills didn't abuse her power by challenging President Trump's removal of protections for some immigrants. LePage is also appealing another lawsuit saying Mills was unconstitutionally refusing to represent him in travel ban lawsuits.

Mills' office says courts have ruled Maine's attorney general is an independent constitutional officer who decides what legal actions are in public interest.

LePage argues state law says the attorney general shall represent Maine upon governor's or lawmakers' request.

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